Monthly Archives: March 2012

Censor-monkey see, censor-monkey do

Yes, I think it’s a record. Normally it takes a while for the Somervilles (I’ve turned Ann into a derogatory noun; I reckon she’s earned that) to hit the prude button on Amazon, but the cover for DANNY 2.3 has already riled a See-no-evil-monkey, and Amazon – bless their censorious little hearts – has pulled the cover.

Well, we knew that it was only a matter of time, but really, do these Somervilles just sit about all day, studying my every move? Do you ever pee, any of you?

Anyhow, we have used one of our splendid fans’ quotes, from one Mr Martyn Deedes, to censor it. So now it looks even more forbidden and intriguing, plus the book now has praise plastered right across it. What’s not to love?

My love goes out to Somervilles everywhere. What would great writers such as myself do without you? Bless……

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