Max has been rummaging around in the archives, looking for ideas for covers for the DANNNY books being put into (smaller) parts. As he truly appreciates his own genius, and knows you will too, he has kindly made a little book for you all to see a few of the covers that were rejected for various volumes of DANNY over the years.

Now’s your chance to proclaim loudly, “That would have been a much better cover for Volume 1″ to anyone who will listen. Which is not me, of course. Oh, I’m teasing, of course I’ll listen. I am known for listening to my fans (okay, Max’s fans, in this instance). Hell, I’m famous for it.

To view it just put your mouse over the image below and it will come up “click to view full screen” or some such shit like that. Click it and it will come up full-size. You will then see a little arrow on the right hand side. Click on that and it will turn the pages for you. Isn’t science wonderful?


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