Publish first, learn later………

Well, I’d been going to write a blog tonight, but instead I spent the whole evening answering (asinine) comments on this Good Reads forum: Independent press authors need to go back to school. It enriches your creative soul, don’t you know…

Or this one, where I am, yet again, running counter to everyone else’s opinions: Why don’t the public buy our books? (Well, the answer lies in the ‘Get back to school and be enriched forum’, folks. And it’s just a click away.)

This whole thing – and particularly the ‘here’s a creative writing course for after you publish’ thread (lucky readers) – shows exactly what is wrong with self-published novelists and the availability of POD publishing.

On the first forum, I go so far, audaciously, to say so. But tactfully. I never say it out loud, not as such. After all, we’re discussing here. But it still gets messy. Eventually there’s flouncing and a lot of (the same old) accusations of “personal attacks”. Which, of course, they convey by outright name-calling, having no sense of their own behaviour.Apparently if someone says something you consider stupid it is not etiquette to say why you think it’s stupid, or to highlight the point with examples. Assumably you should just say, “You’re stupid”, or perhaps “You’re batshit”, or even the good old “You’re a fuckwit”. Much more conducive to informed debate. Or perhaps, better still, you should just swallow your opinions and let them say and do what they like, untrammelled by rational thought.

Once again, I do not know why I bother to present arguments or point out acts of nonsense, contradictions, unvoiced implications, direct implications, and, of course, mad assertions. What I should do is agree with everyone on the forum or, presumably, leave.

Well, there’s one thing I do agree with, POD publishing was a bad invention, and these supposed professionals on this supposed Small Press forum prove it. They are living proof of exactly why readers do not trust self-published books, or self-published authors, or small independent presses. And the worst of it is, I don’t blame them.

It’s a sad, depressing and pointless world, full of narrow-minded trolls with shit for brains. There you go, that was the kind of comment we really want.

I die……………..


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