Debbie Schlussel – The Hitler for Modern Israel!

“Kapo was a term used for certain prisoners who worked inside Nazi concentration camps during World War II in various lower administrative positions. The term is sometimes used to describe self-hating Jews and Jewish anti-Semites[1].
Kapos received more privileges than normal prisoners, towards whom they were often brutal. They were often convicts who were offered this work in exchange for a reduced sentence or parole, however they were usually murdered and replaced with a new batch of prisoners at regular intervals.”

How do you make a Nazi Jew? I don’t know, but old man Schlussel managed it, making a fabulous little Klanner out of Debbie.

To see all that is good and right with the American right – hell, America itself – go take a look at Debbie. Jewish & Fascist is the New Blonde.
But I warn you, she is oddly fascinating, like any alarmist racist with a real need to be top dog. Even if it’s, somewhat bizarrely, top dog for the old blood Ivy League America that fifty years ago wouldn’t have let Miss Schlussel, or any other Schlussel, within 500 yards of their club house, other than to provide the catering.

I have no idea how I fell over Debbie. I was googling Sharon Stone one minute, next thing I know I’ve followed a link and ended up at Debbie’s page. I do this all the time, and it’s a good reason for never spending too long on internet searches. It’s a black hole of hate, you know.

Debbie is a virulent racist of the old-style Ku Klux Klan model. There is only one difference, Debbie is a Jewess. What’s more, she is also a militant Jewess of the State of Israel Can Do No Wrong Mould.

Although Debbie hates Muslims with a passion, she also doesn’t really like blacks, or leftists, or anything to do with sex. In fact, if we could only take that annoying little slash of Hebrew out Debbie’s Jewish princess face she’d be a perfect WASP.

Debbie’s (dyed) blonde. Debbie is an attorney and has run for office. I don’t know which office and, frankly, who cares? American politics is as American politics does – lying and backstabbing de rigueur. I wonder if anyone’s ever done research to see how much American politicians have influenced the Hater generation that has grown exponentially on the net? I reckon the correlation between the two would be amazing.

Debbie makes the Nazi party look tame. In fact, you could take Debbie’s ‘writings’ and just transpose the words Muslim for Jew and you would probably have word for word Hitler speeches. Personally, I think Debbie is Hitler, reincarnated.

Nothing comes out of Debbie’s mouth that isn’t a spew of hate. Even when she’s talking about ostensibly unrelated subjects such as Bono’s alleged philandering she refers to the teenage girls with him as “skanks” and “hos”. The irony is, on the comments on one of her other blogs she criticises someone for using the term ‘ho’ and sneers, “it is spelt W-H-O-R-E”. Obviously, semantics Debbie herself hasn’t mastered.

Every woman that Debbie dislikes – if you can call Debbie’s vitriol ‘dislike’ – is a skank. What they wear is skanky. They are trashy (and that’s something from a bleached blonde Jewess masquerading as a WASP), of dubious morality and often “traitorous”, “Muslim-loving” or “lefties”. Commonly all those things, plus a few more.

Debbie is an exemplary redneck and you can’t help feeling that if she’d been part of the Holocaust, instead of her grandfather, she’d have been a ghetto Kapo, shopping her friends to the Nazis so she could sit out the war in safety, after which she’d promptly switch sides and become one of those terrifying Nazi hunters tenaciously hunting down some collaborator to Buenos Aires and insisting they were deported to Israel to be hung drawn and quartered, live on television, for showing in primary schools so that six year-olds can burn the fiery cross and lynch some of those Muslim niggers that are “ruining America”. Yes, she is that confused, so full of hate that it lashes out in all directions like a fallen power line snaking lethal voltage at all and sundry.

It’s not that I find hate strange (actually I do, I’ve never understood it, and never will), but that it’s so comprehensive, so directionless, so all-consuming and completely ill thought-out. No part of Debbie, for all her education, aspiration to politics, daily blogging, is reasoned, intelligent, rational or informed.

She is every inch without intelligence, consideration or respect. She doesn’t care about facts, the pursuit of truth, arguments or tolerance, she just wants ‘them’ to die. Something must die, someone must pay, in order for Debbie to feel better.

Debbie occasionally answers her commenters back, and when she does she always does it in block capitals. LIKE THIS, YOU RABID STUPID SKANK OF MUSLIM. Indeed, she often writes things not dissimilar to that. Her one concession to not being The Hitler for Modern Israel is that she stays away from MORONIC BAD LANGUAGE. Like all the smart boys who run the National Front, the Klan, and Guns for American Children she has at least learned not to use the actual cuss words of a bitchin’, screamin’ racist hick. Otherwise, however, she sounds exactly like one and not saying fuck is the only thing her personality profile is missing.

Understandably, she gets a lot of hate mail. Her comments are divided roughly fifty-fifty; half saying “You are so rite Debbie, Muzzlems are ruining this country. We shuld bom those towel-head pigs!” Which brings the equally knee-jerk retorts of “DEBBIE, YOU HO BICH RACIST . FUCK U!!! FUCK U YOU JEW BICH!”

Debbie loves those, and practically faints with pleasure when she gets threats – death or otherwise – transparently feeling vindicated at her own righteousness and positively purring that the Muslims have now ‘proved’ they are all terrorists with death in their hearts.

She’s actually had precious few death threats when you consider she spews this venom out on a daily basis and has done for years. In fact, her continued existence and unstoppable big mouth is a wonderful argument against the reality of Muslim terrorism. If there really was anything to fear from terrorists and Muslim extremists Debbie would have been car-bombed years ago and I, a non-capital punishment touting pacifist, would have felt both no pity and a little safer in my bed.

There is absolutely nothing about Debbie to like. I enjoy colourful characters, outspoken people, anyone who bucks the system, flouts conventional and popular opinions, but Debbie is just a great big ugly ball of hate masquerading as some kind of political über-white messiah. A Jewish establishmentarian one at that. It doesn’t get any worse.

You can only begin to imagine what her upbringing must have been like. Holocaust survivors often reacted in one of three ways: 1. Never ever referred to it. So much so, their children and grandchildren did not realise they were ever in camps. 2. Talked about it, wrote about it, started museums and the like, determined that people would never forget. 3. Became Nazi-stalking activists.

In other words, some felt compelled to bear witness, some wanted to forget and some wanted revenge. But what the hell went wrong with old Grandfather Schlussel?

Obviously the man had to be on a hate/revenge kick. But how severe was it to have passed down two generations to reach Debbie in this toxic state? And why Islam? To my knowledge, Hitler had no Islamic blood. In fact, he was a negro-hating, commie-hating, queer-hating, gypsy-hating Aryan purist. Not a lot to differentiate him from Debbie there then. So how did Grandfather Schlussel manage to produce an heir who seems to have adopted all Hitler’s chief characteristics, including the hate speeches, the talk of racial purity, the loathing of moral ‘lowness’ (Hitler didn’t like sex either, unless it was ‘admiring’ young blonde boys in his army), the general timbre of “I really hate the world, it’s shit on me, someone must pay.”?

You’d think Grandfather Schlussel might hate Germans, or protestants, or Lutherans, or men with moustaches – but Muslims? WTF? – to use some netspeak (seems oddly appropriate).

I have to go back to the fact that Debbie is a Kapo, in a long line of Kapos, all sucking up to The Man, longing to be ‘white’ and respected, buying their way into his favour so he doesn’t send them to the camps, either literally, or figuratively. It’s the only way they could have produced this odd belly-rolling WASP girl Republican who loves all things American, conservative and anti-semitic. Her loathing of Islam is donned like a mantle of respectability copied from the true-blood Boston-bred Protestants she aspires to be, like her mother aspired to be before her, and her grandfather before that.

They are all deeply ashamed of being Jewish, and wish more than anything that it could be lifted off them like a stigma of shame. They can’t denounce the ideology of their ‘masters’ that threw grandfather in Belsen – after all, isn’t their next door neighbour a Lutheran of ancient lineage? – so they go for the far more acceptable face of anti-semitism – Islam. Oh yes, the Holocaust was Islam’s fault. Suddenly Hitler isn’t a white guy with good Aryan blood (actually, he wasn’t; he shared quite a few traits with the Schlussels), Hitler has become a ‘black’ guy in a towel, bombing innocent children and determined to kill all Jews.

Debbie simply cannot shake her inner Kapo off. Grandfather was a Kapo informing on fellow Jews for an extra rotten potato. Mother was a Kapo, making like the good little housewife for her Vietnam vet husband, and Debbie is a Kapo, working as a sports agent, being their blonde cheerleader and geeing on Middle America’s fight against Weapons of Mass Destruction.

It has to be one of the saddest statements of humanity that there is no bigot like someone who has suffered bigotry and no hater like someone who has suffered hate. Debbie is living proof that the one thing history teaches us is that history teaches us nothing.

Heil der Mutter!


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